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Seraphim hosts a discussion on all things Reputation & Communication – an international perspective

Key takeaways from a panel of comms and international relations experts - Navigating through uncertain times has put the spotlight on communications. While COVID-19 has triggered some serious global health concerns, fear is also spinning around a great deal of misinformation. We do have access to maximum information, but at the same time we’re plagued by ‘fake news’..

WFH: Streamlining communications

WFH: Streamlining communications

Work from Home is now becoming a new professional norm. After the initial shock of getting adjusted to working under .... Read more


How ‘Brand Modi’ Came To Be: A Masterclass In PR & Marketing

My first ‘live’ tryst with ‘Brand Modi’ happened in Germany, a year after he won the 2014 general elections. In May 2015,.... Read more

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Seraphim Introduces Tailored Strategic Communications Consultancy in India

Boutique communications firm, Seraphim Communications (Seraphim), has set up its first office in New Delhi, India, with its extensive service offerings in the field of ... Read more