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AI in PR Agencies What You Need to Know

From automation to custom chatbots, artificial intelligence has already knocked on the door of public relations. As time passes, the PR industry embraces AI to develop strategies and gather insights. Let’s explore how AI in PR Agencies is transforming the entire industry.

PR Agencies: Monitoring the Media like a Cyborg

Once upon a time, tracking news mentions and gauging media coverage was a manual slog. Interns hunched over computers, bleary-eyed, endlessly searching keywords and cutting out clippings makes us tired just thinking about it!

Now, AI programs automate media monitoring better than any unpaid college kid. They can analyze sentiment, identify trends, and generate custom reports in seconds. Some summarize articles, so you don’t need to read that 2,000-word New York Times article

At agencies like Seraphim Communications, we’re taking it further. We use various AI tools to scan millions of sources daily, alerting teams to real-time breaking news and opportunities. The future is now.

No wonder 66% of PR experts predict AI will seriously shake up the industry. When robots do the boring stuff for us, it means more time for actual strategy.

Chatbots That Gab Like a Best Friend

Forget waiting on hold for customer service. Now, AI chatbots can field questions, take down information, and talk clients through issues instantly, 24/7. No awkward small talk or hold music is required.

With conversational interfaces, these bots chat like your most empathetic friend. And interfaces keep improving all the time. Today, most people can’t even tell they’re dealing with AI anymore.

Top PR agencies now use chatbots as the first line of defence for managing inquiries. Some even offer self-service portals where you can update contact info, submit press materials, and more on your schedule. It’s about time they took this burden off us humans!

Writing Press Releases in Lightning Speed

Do you know what PR professionals hate the most? Staring at a blank page before writing a press release or blog post. Their brain freezes up. Now, AI content creators can crank out drafts for them in seconds.

They plug in a few keywords and boom – paragraphs magically appear. Of course, the computer can’t replace human creativity…yet.

With these tools, they can whip up multiple high-quality drafts and then perfect them by adding their own spin. They don’t have to worry about typos or grammatical mistakes.

AI Takes Out the Guesswork for PR Agencies

Here’s a peek behind the PR curtain. The truth is, a lot of what we do is educated guesswork. Predicting which press outlets will bite, the kind of messaging that will resonate, the perfect timing or hook that cuts through the noise. Now, AI can back up those guesses with cold, hard data.

Agencies use machine learning algorithms to uncover insights from mountains of information: historical coverage trends, real-time reactions, and demographic data.

For example, AI can pinpoint which journalists favourably cover our industry, which headlines get the most clicks when our clients’ competitors launch campaigns and all those small details that make or break your communication strategy.

The Rise of Generative AI in PR Agencies

Have you heard about Generative AI before? Unlike analytical programs, generative AI can create new content, concepts, and images based on simple prompts. We’re talking about writing speeches, drafting social posts, and even ideating ad campaigns!

Generators like DALL-E or ChatGPT produce shockingly creative, fine output in seconds with no human input. And tools are dropping daily that keep blowing your mind.

Resistance is Futile

Despite all the fantastic advances, some worry that AI and automation will outdated PR roles. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! AI allows PR professionals to focus on what they do best – strategy, creativity, and connecting with people.

Machines still can’t replace human judgment, empathy, or outside-the-box thinking. We’ve got the edge in making intuitive decisions and forging genuine relationships. Let software handle the grunt work so we can return to being counsellors and storytellers!

The future of PR is a harmony between human creativity and machine efficiency. Combining human creativity and AI efficiency can take the PR industry to new heights.

Wrap Up

While AI has already transformed modern PR, this is just the beginning of the AI revolution in the PR industry. As machine learning continues to advance exponentially, so will the possibilities.

One day, AI will write entire keynote speeches that sound disturbingly human. Perhaps it’ll ideate integrated campaigns better than the sharpest creative director.

But for now, embrace the bots as your new assistant. Let them lift the burdens from your overloaded human brain so you can focus on big picture strategy.

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